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Adult dirty over 50s chat rooms

A grandiose, commanding figure with a Badass Baritone, he is noticeably less wacky and snarky than his counterparts, his eccentric appearance notwithstanding.

He is also leading a double life as the owner of a sweetshop that Charlie sometimes visits...

She is the second child to "drop out" of the tour when she samples an experimental stick of gum that Mr.

Wonka doesn't have Paris Themmen (1971 film) Jordan Paul Fry (2005 film) Gerald Thompson (2010 opera's 2012 recording) Jay Heyman (2013 musical's Original London Cast Recording) Michael Wartella (2017 Broadway Retool of the musical) Lauren Weisman (The fourth Golden Ticket finder's favorite activity is watching television in the novel and 1971 film.

This youthful-looking fellow is at least as brilliant as any of his other incarnations when it comes to sweetmaking, but unlike them is completely lacking in social skills and graces to the point that even the Golden Ticket finders come off as more mature than he.

His arrested development stems from a heartbreaking experience in his past that he has never quite been able to put behind him — and is coloring what he wants from a successor in the present.

Unfortunately, by the time that last point is figured out by his guests, they have no choice but to keep following his lead no matter how wild and woolly things become.

Moreover, virtually nothing gets past him, which becomes a problem for Charlie in the late going...

The Impossibly Delicious Food his factory churns out, combined with the mystery of how he makes it when no one is seen entering or leaving the factory, has made him a Living Legend, and when he launches the Golden Ticket contest — five winners will receive a personal tour of the factory and a lifetime's supply of sweets — it becomes a global obsession.But all the tales that have sprung up around him and his factory pale next to the reality those winners are about to discover. Wonka spent his years in hiding turning his factory into The Wonderland, an Elaborate Underground Base of incredible beauty — some of it edible — that has technology as amazing as it is absurd; a world created in his own eccentric image.He is highly intelligent, imaginative, and plane of reality than the rest of the world.Wenzelburg (2010 opera's 2012 recording) Jack Costello (2013 musical's Original London Cast Recording) Ryan Foust, Jake Ryan Flynn, and Ryan Sell (2017 Broadway Retool of the musical) Lincoln Melcher (A boy who lives with his poor but loving family in a shack on the edge of the town that Mr. He craves chocolate more than anything else in the world but their straits are so dire that it's only a once-a-year birthday treat for him.Despite his lot in life, he is a good, self-sacrificing soul, and perhaps that's how the Million-to-One Chance of his finding the last of the Golden Tickets comes about...

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Each folder thus starts with general tropes for the character(s) in question, and then moves on to additional and alternative tropes for their depictions in specific adaptations.