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Cliper dating

It will be much more difficult if you are to modify programs written by others if they didn't comment them: figuring out what a program does using only its code is very difficult and even the most clean programming language may prove to be write-only if not properly commented.

You can write comments in many different styles: using an asterisk (*), two sweeps (//), a double ampersand (&&) or a couple sweep-asterisk (/*) and asterisk-sweep (*/), as you see below: No, the purpose of this command is not to make the source code clear (that would be too easy! Please note that the string Return is used to terminate the function.

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This Guide was born when I followed a small project (the port of an old Summer 87 application to Windows) and I saw the many Clipper compatible open source compilers available, but noticed also that there were no good tutorials and that the books about Clipper/x Base/Visual Objects and so on couldn't be found in any bookstore (not even in libraries! I think that the first part of the tutorial will cover the basic of the language, up to the procedural programming facilities. This makes up for a nice introduction to computer science. Michele Povigna Please note: if anybody will add his work to this stuff, the Clipper tutorial should contain only 'standard' code that would compile on Harbour, x Harbour and Clip.

Compiler-specific code should be placed somewhere else.

If you check it, you will see misplaced links and so... A former version of this 'ebook' :-) is at like to thank W. To apologize for its incompletedness, I can only say that this page contains everything I know about Clipper and x Base programming (in a given moment... I tried to adhere to the classical tutorials' bottom-up approach of showing all the basic function via very simple examples.

The plan to include some bigger examples, with the top-down approach (how do I deal with this problem? I have decided to name this tutorial "a Guide to Open Source Clipper(s)" and not "a Guide to Open Source x Base" because I like the name Clipper, and as you can see by watching at the open source compilers I discuss (Clip and (x)Harbour) the influence of the name Clipper is great. And now X# https:// Modern x Base open source dialects are: X2c is too old - what use could be for a modern x Base the need to get its compiler from the Borland Museum? Part 4 will cover other programming topics, and the last part will be about programming a user interface.

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Let's try to highlight the parts of helloworld: The first line defines a function named MAIN.

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