Compiz title bar not updating

Posted by / 03-Jul-2017 14:09

It is easily possible to break Unity, either by playing with some plugins in CCSM or by breaking the video driver necessary to support it.

Also, some who have upgraded from a pre-Unity version of Ubuntu may not get the Unity interface in the first place.

Users of Oneiric and later please refer to the upper-most section of this guide.

Close the window and now double-click the newly created launcher to open CCSM.

And we will update this post when additional issues/fixes are turning up.

Almost all steps in this guide are the same for fixing Unity in Natty 11.04 and in Oneiric 11.10 and later except those which are particularly labelled for a specific version.

(How to get to CCSM in Natty 11.04 is described under its respective section below.) In Oneiric and later, you cannot easily create launchers on your desktop anymore.

At this point, if you want to enable the Desktop Cube in Natty or Oneiric, which may have led to this mess in the first place, please proceed with this guide: you want to use the default Desktop Wall, proceed here.

To try to fix a possible driver issue, proceed with the lower section of this guide.

For those who are unable to see the window titlebars, open CCSM as explained in the above section, and first make sure the 'Window Decoration' plugin is enabled.

Sometimes it happens that the window decorator is not loaded properly with compiz enabled.

I found that is easy to solve, almost in my experience, reloading it. When done just right click on the icon an select reload window manager.

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This can be caused by multiple reasons, so there is no one-fits-all fix.