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Dataview not updating

In our example, we need to retrieve the total number of records in the Titles table of the Pubs database. At first we should know about it's two most important method which will be used here. Data Reader Class: The Data Reader class object allows you to read the data returned by a SELECT command by a simple forward-only and read-only cursor.Since the total number of records is a single scalar value, the Execute Scalar method is used. It requires a live connection with the data source and provides a very efficient way of looping and consuming all parts of the result set.Execute Reader is used when we need to retrieve rows and columns of data using the SQL select statements. NET only holds the connection open long enough to either pull down the data or to make any requested updates. This is nice when you are working with other business applications and also helps when you are working with firewalls because data is passed as HTML and XML. NET gives you the choice of either using client-side or server-side cursors. Answer 8: A Data Adapter represents a set of data commands and a database connection to fill the dataset and update a SQL Server database. With these two, you can also specify the user ID and password depending on the type of data source.As the data retrieved is a table of data, Execute Reader returns Sql Data Reader. A Data Adapter contains a set of data commands and a database connection to fill the dataset and update a SQL Server database. Figure 3-3 shows the relationship between a connection, a data source, and a data adapter.Execute Scalar is useful for returning a single value from the database. This namespace also defines interfaces that are base classes for the data provider classes. Similar to other objects, each data provider has a command builder class.For example, using this method we can retrieve a sum of sales made by a specific product, total number of records in the employee table, unique id by supplying filtering conditions and so on. The Ole Db Command Builder, Sql Common Builder, and Odbc Command Builder classes represent the Common Builder object in the Ole Db, Sql, and ODBC data providers.Answer 1: ADO stands for Active Data Object and ADO. For example, ODBC data providers work with ODBC data sources and Ole Db data providers work with OLE-DB data sources. NET components model and how they work together: See for more detail: Answer 3: A Data Set object falls in disconnected components series.

Sql Command carries the command in the Command Text property and this property will be used when the Sql Command calls any of its execute methods. Data namespace defines classes that you can use with all the data providers or without data providers at all. See for more detail: Answer: Command Builder helps you to generate update, delete, and insert commands on a single database table for a data adapter.

Using a Data View, you can expose the data in a table with different sort orders, and you can filter the data by row state or based on a filter expression.

A Data View provides a dynamic view of data whose content, ordering, and membership reflect changes to the underlying Data Table as they occur.

This means if you enable Connection pooling in the connection object, actually you enable the re-use of the connection to more than one user. NET uses a technique called connection pooling, which minimizes the cost of repeatedly opening and closing connections.

Connection pooling reuses existing active connections with the same connection string instead of creating new connections when a request is made to the database.

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MARS (Multiple Active Result Sets) is implemented in ADO. This means that when you access data, such as viewing and updating data, it is real-time, with a connection being used all the time. The following table shows the Data Adapter classes with their data source. Figure 2 shows the relationship between the Command and Connection objects.

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