Dating and pulling

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Grateful for the door behind her Nicole leaned back against it, lowered her hat and reached down to gently stroke Waverly's hair in gentle encouragement.

Which was pretty much heaven for the redhead, especially when Waverly started lingering on her clit with every other stroke of her tongue.

Then Waverly slowly got up, made her way from the sofa to the chair where Nicole was sitting on, got into her lap and gave the redhead a gentle kiss, this one much longer than the one she had given Wynonna.

But then Wynonna got up, gave her a weird look and took off in the direction of the stairs, Waverly quickly following and pulling Nicole by the hand after her. "Not in the south." Wynonna quipped, quickly adding, "Or at least not in this state. As long as we are both of age, which we are, and it's consensual, which it is, we're not legally doing anything wrong." "Oh, so just morally then? "I don't doubt it." Wynonna replied knowingly, before sighing, "But... " Wynonna said flatly, "I don't expect you to understand, but as there hasn't been angry villagers with pitchforks and torches after me I'm guessing you haven't told nobody, and for that I wanted to say thank you." "I didn't do that for you." Nicole said coldly.Either way Waverly was filled with thoughts of fucking her sister as the three women slowly made their way up the stairs and to Waverly's room.Once at their destination Waverly close the door behind them and then pushed Nicole up against it, and then pressing first her body and then her lips against Nicole's in a heated kiss.

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