Dating elimidate episode show

Posted by / 18-Sep-2017 21:44

elimi DATE, as I soon learned, airs every weeknight on the WB at .

Most of its appeal comes from the opportunity to rip on the inevitably unflattering, whorish lengths people go to in order to win.

That done, I blundered ahead in the name of curiosity and kicks, keeping in touch with a series of bubbly voices on the telephone telling me I was awesome, gonna win, etc.

Then again, I can't wait to see what he or the other contestants chose to insult about my own appearance.

Until that day, my time is being spent wrestling with conflicting feelings of shame and joviality.

I WILL be on national television and I WILL be looking like an ass. It's also a time for running into people I haven't seen recently, most of whom keep telling me it was a stupid idea in the first place.

I find myself wondering where these people were a month ago, when a series of random circumstances culminated in the mini Post-it note that was scrawled and slapped on my bedroom door. The Trepidation "It's a reality TV show, where four girls or four guys go on a date at the same time with one guy or one girl.

Over the course of the date, the one guy or girl eliminates their dates until there's only one left." Ah, elimi DATE. This was the rundown given to me by Jane, an agent at a local casting company for extras.

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My "audition" involved sipping a vodka tonic at a previously specified downtown bar while completing a questionnaire.