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D., professor and graduate director of communication studies at Texas Christian University."And it does tremendous damage." Schrodt led a meta-analysis of 74 studies, including more than 14,000 participants, "A Meta-Analytical Review of the Demand/Withdraw Pattern of Interaction and its Associations with Individual, Relational, and Communicative Outcomes," published in (March, 2014).No matter what part each partner plays, it's the pattern itself that's the problem."It's a real, serious sign of distress in the relationship." When judging the character of a friend, co-worker or potential romantic partner, pay attention to little acts of kindness or cruelty because these are likely part of a consistent behavioral pattern, ...Regardless of the role each partner plays, the outcome is equally distressing."One of the most important things we found is that even though wife-demand/husband-withdraw occurs more frequently, it's not more or less damaging," he says.

During marital conflict, wives tend to demand and husbands tend to withdraw.

"Both partners see the other as the problem." Ask the wife -- whom research shows is more often the demanding partner -- and she'll complain that her husband is closed off, emotionally unavailable.

Ask the husband and he'll say he might open up if she'd just back off.

Gray, 1993), have historically taken an essentialist position that suggests that differences between men and women stem from innate biological or psychological attributes.

The essentialist position conceptualizes gendered properties as fixed, stable, and residing within the individual.

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Studying same-sex as well as cross-sex couples enables an evaluation of both explanations.

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