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External scanners are fine but are mostly relegated to be run by the security teams, so using an open source auditing tool can help with security auditing, hardening, and compliance while helping to determine if you have things configured and setup optimally.

Steps Install the Open VPN client Verify the openvpn client is installed Debian/Ubuntu apt-get install openvpn RHEL/Cent OS yum install openvpn Get VPN keys, certifiates and configs From your remote host, get the files or zip file that includes your VPN keys, certificates and configs Place the files (unzipping any archives) into /etc/openvpn on your client Configure Open VPN session In the directory /etc/openvpn copy the .

Now for the fun part, let’s I’ve wanted to get into tube audio amplifiers for my stereo systems for a long time, so years ago I bought my first ones, a pair of Antique Sound Lab AV-25 monoblocks.

One thing that was a bit tricky was to bias the amps, and the units didn’t come with directions, so I eventually got info directly from the company, but could’t find it anywhere online. ” “With their outlook on things, everything is just so negative, have we evolved that way?

The shows Kevin Morby at Off Broadway, Wednesday, September 13, 2017 (photo by me) I still love seeing live music more than anything, and it’s always such a kick to see my favorite bands, as well as seeing bands I’ve never heard of, usually opening the show, becoming a new favorite.

There were some great shows this year, and I ate them up - honestly I didn’t misss much that I wanted to see.

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