Dating sites key words htm

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Dating sites key words htm

If we were to find ourselves a time-machine and travel back to this distant epoch the chances are that we would enter a hot, humid environment alive with lush green vegetation or the type you might find today in equatorial Africa.If the texts are to be believed, Giza apparently possessed a shallow lake, fed directly from the Nile itself.Myths and legends that date back to Pharaonic times speak of a subterranean world existing beneath the Giza plateau.Modern-day psychics, occult societies and new-age mystics all firmly believe that an underground complex made up of concealed corridors and unknown chambers will eventually be found at Giza.

During an in-depth study of the temples and monuments of Giza in the 1880s, respected Egyptologist W. Flinders Petrie uncovered clear evidence of a precision stone-ware technology that surpassed anything else achieved in the ancient world.More damning still to the orthodox views of the Egyptologists is the knowledge that recent astronomical research in respect to the orientation and placement of the monuments on the Giza plateau, clearly point towards a foundation date sometime between 11,0 BC - several thousand years before the age of the Pharaohs. There is much evidence of prehistoric man along the Nile during this very age, and it clearly shows that between 12,5 BC certain communities not only possessed an advanced tool-making industry, but also domesticated animals and developed the earliest agriculture anywhere in the world.Moreover, just 300 miles away from Giza in what is today Jericho, its inhabitants of 8000 BC were constructing enormous fortification walls, gouging out vast trenches in the hard bedrock and erecting a gigantic stone tower in defense against an unknown enemy.Its four sides are aligned to the cardinal points with such precision that modern-day surveyors would have trouble replicating this laser-like accuracy, while in relation to the earth the Great Pyramid is situated in the dead centre of its largest land-mass.More extraordinary still is the knowledge that the pyramid builders could well have possessed a form of sonic technology that included the ability to raise stone blocks into the air and pierce through granite at a feed-rate unmatched even today.

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