Evan lysacek dating anyone

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Evan lysacek dating anyone

I don't really see Latifah as closeted either since she doesn't deny things. I put her ahead of Travolta because Scientology is keeping him hetero. I always thought being in the closet meant someone who is actively pretending to be straight by marrying an assistant (Rock Hudson) or acting giddy about members of the opposite sex (Rosie O'Donnell in the 90s.)I agree with r9. I mean, he's not Grand Marshall of the Gay Pride parade, but I think everyone knows he's gay.Just because the true information is out there for any moron to find doesn't mean that lots of morons WILL find it (or believe it).The almost daily 'invasion' into Gyllenhaal Cruise's 'private' but somehow always-VERY-public-heterosexual-affairs is classic ding! It's amazing that he's never been able to keep any of his relationships private without tons of details and picture ops leaking out while larger stars manage to be much less over-exposed. He's an old man now, no one really cares except some bitter old queens who never liked him the first place. The rest of these celebrities are too young, too old, or not obvious enough.r53, "real straight couples" don't consist of two famewhores. Their romances get positive press for these people and that is their livelihood. Federina, especially when mincing around in the blazer and all-white ensemble. I thought at one point he was going to sit on his lap."What about the dead ones, like Mary Martin and Lena Horne? Look at me, I just happened to get married and fall in love when a boy said I fondled him and sucked him off!The strollling with Swift pics were the best yet, since she's actually promoting the coffee cup/cafe brand name while they walk. Flaunting a straight relationship is very weak evidence that a star is gay. Kevin Spacey won't come out of the closet because he knows all those deeply embarrassing stories of how he's sexually harrassed fellow actors, busboys, cable guys, massage therapists, etc. Then I had babies with a woman I deeply loved, even though we never lived together!

There were those pics recently of her and her gf snuggling on a boat.You have no idea how many issues need to be covered up to make some of these vermin viable.Many of the so called glamour queens would either gross you out, (they don't bathe! Hollywood often forces the strange, ugly, and eccentric to be promoted as ordinary, while they insist that the ordinary be glammed up. How can she not know when it's so visible to everyone else? she must know, not knowing would be too weird.[quote]But some people said she was miserable because she didn't yet realize that she's gay. But either she's so repressing it's making her insane, or there's so much pressure to appear straight and in a highly orchestrated showmance that it's making her act like a miserable cunt.He's never uttered the words "Yes, I'm straight" in any interview EVER. We're talking about the "most embarrassingly obvious" cases here. If you haven't figured out who she is by now, then fuck you. I will only believe that Jake is gay if I see/read credible rumors or a real statement , blind items with 100 hidden babies and anonymous messages don't count . I also agree some people are obssessed about him because he played the character who bottomed in BBM.Jodie Foster is ridiculous at this point though" How is Jodie more ridiculous than Jodie when Latifah lies (and gets her gf to lie, too) while Jodie doesn't? People do know who she is, but she continues to lie anyway.... And Reese and Taylor are only proof that he's a famewhore , not that he's gay. Deny it all you like, tell people to STFU, and call people names. There's absolutely no solid proof of him ever being sexual with a man. Some people are limited in their understanding about "Hollywood" practices, and don't know as much as they think they do.

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They're selling a lifestyle most of the time, a brand. Since I've yet to see BBM, that certainly doesn't influence my thinking about Gyllenhaal. Has there been rumors about him being in gay relationships? Not technically "proof" but at least it's something. It's just the opinion I have from interpreting different interviews etc. why the hell are you here if you don't like gossip? Of course we'll believe that every celebrity is gay, what do you expect? Besides, I think it's kinda lames and moronic to come to a gay gossip site and ask for proof, would it really be gossip anymore? Please just crawl back to the fangirl cave where you came from, and let us get on with the gossiping. Anderson behaves on the air that he has never had any interest in any human being.

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