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Mac sex chat

Guitar hero: Peter Green, pictured playing with The Splinter Group, founded the band in 1967 but after taking large amounts of LSD began to think he was Jesus and was later diagnosed with schizophrenia He was later diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Touring Europe in March 1970, Green binged on dangerously impure LSD at a party thrown by a bunch of rich Communists in a Munich commune.

Bizarrely, Green said he was furious because Simmons was still sending him royalty cheques.

Green managed some sort of recovery after he moved in with his mother in Great Yarmouth and even managed to resurrect his musical career in 1995 with a band called The Splinter Group.

Perhaps it’s not surprising to learn that after he was swiftly sacked, Kirwan developed mental health problems as the effect of drink and drug abuse caught up with him.

He even ended up living homeless on the streets of London.

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Much of his financial troubles were self-inflicted.

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