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Myyerevan online dating

Russia has allowed the transfers of billions-of-dollars worth of remittances from Russia to Armenia without any problems. And Russia is a Christian, European culture and, unlike the West that imposes its animalistic "values" upon all subjugated nations, Russia is a nation that does not impose its values on Armenian society.

Russia is by-far Armenia's largest trading partner. As far as I'm concerned, it does not say much about our people's perceptive abilities or political maturity that a slight majority of Armenians actually support integration with the Russian Federation.ccording to the same survey noted above, 50% of Georgians view membership in the Customs Union positively.

Therefore, in Armenia's case, what's much more revealing to me than the 65% or so of those who view the Customs Union and Russia positively is the 35% or so who don't.

And I would dare say that a vast majority of Armenians in Europe and north America would also much rather Armenia pursue a suicidal, Western path.

How could it be that there is not a single positive Western news report about the state visit?

How could it be that not a single Western news outlet ignored the protest by a small group of worthless idiots? Could this be part of their global information war against President Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation? I can look out my window and tell you there was more the 500 people protesting.

Needless to say, Western television programming, films and music are also designed and disseminated to cultivate human thought, impart cultural taste and convey sociopolitical ideas upon those exposed to it (i.e. The Western world's ability to alter reality and create perception is such that large numbers of Armenians today continue looking at Western integration as something very desirable even though they are seeing with their very own eyes that the European Union is deeply troubled and may be falling apart; even though they know very well that Western powers are firmly in bed with Armenia's historic enemies; even though they see Western powers oppressing and destroying nations around the world; and even though they realize that Western "values" (which is imposed on all nations under Western rule) is something that they do not want.

And had the well-meaning choban, Vazgen Sargsyan, and the not-so-well meaning Soviet bureaucrat, Karen Demirjian, not been assassinated back in October 27, 1999, Armenia would most probably have lost its border connection with Iran (compliments of the US State Department's Paul Goble Plan) and would be 'literally' surrounded by Turkic nations today -When it comes to Armenia's foreign policy successes, please don't be naive enough to give any credit to the "people" or to "Armenians" in general.

The Western world's ability to alter reality and create perception is such that they have Armenian "patriots" taking to the street to do exactly what Turks and Azeris want them to do, drive a wedge between Armenia and Russia.

Let's look at it this way: Russia has kept Turks and Azeris out of Armenia for the past twenty years, as well as for the past ninety years, as well as for the past two hundred years.

The world famous leader of the Russian Federation, a man that was just voted by none-other-than Forbes Magazine as the most powerful man in the world arrives in Armenia; he joins his Armenian counterpart to review the arsenal of impressive weaponry stationed at the recently modernized 102nd base in Gyumri; he pays his respects to the victims of the tragic earthquake of 1988; he pays tribute at the memorial to the martyrs of the Armenian Genocide; he attends a major Russian-Armenian economic forum; he announces that Russia will be providing Armenia natural gas and modern weaponry at domestic prices; he signs a whole range of far-reaching agreements with the Armenian government....

yet every single one of the Western world's news organizations, as well as most English language foreign media (including Armenian ones) simply chose to report on the "mass protests" carried out by several hundred psychologically challenged individuals?

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Yet, due to the ubiquitousness of the Western world's anti-Russia propaganda, coupled with Armenian emotional problems, political illiteracy and arrogance, Armenia today has an abundance of psychologically disturbed imbeciles expressing an overabundance of hatred for a man and a country that actually makes their nation's existence in this world possible.

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