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It’s difficult to see how that could have happened if this death occurred in the course of battle.“Secondly there’s the absence of any weapons – and thirdly the bodies look posed or arranged.Leading war crimes lawyer Julian Knowles, from Matrix Chambers, told Channel 4 News the video was “astonishing evidence” of a type he had only seen “a handful of times” showing the mass killing of civilians or unarmed combatants, a serious war crime.The video was shot towards the end of Sri Lanka’s 26-year civil war, which ended in 2009, between the government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) group, known as the Tamil Tigers.“And certainly the Tamils that one sees before their deaths they don’t look the most resilient of fighting troops and I’m quite sure these mopping up operations did involve the mass killings of civilians or combatants who were trying to surrender.Mopping up operations is just really a euphemism.” Taking part in these operations, and at the centre of the last few days of fighting, were troops from Division 53 of the Sri Lanka Army – the division claiming responsibility for Isaipriya’s death.It is unclear if she is alive or dead, but the photographs’ date stamps are and it appears that the hands of both women are tied.The – when Isaipriya appears to have died and a date which appears the video may have been shot, or possibly the day after – was the penultimate day in the course of the 26-year war in Sri Lanka.

The video also shows the bodies of other men and women lying on the ground.

Along with Divisions 58 and 59, 53 took part in the “end battle”.

Tamil eye witnesses also present in the “end battle” have visually identified from geographic markers a potential location of the massacre from the footage, on a strip of land between the lagoon and the sea – south of where Prabhakaran died and in the midst of the fighting over 18 and 19 May.

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