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However, the tyrants Cleobulos and Periandros used their political power in order to be incorporated in the list.

Thus, the E, which corresponds to number 5, constituted an acknowledgment that the Delphic maxims actually originated from the five real wise men.

The portrait of a philosopher exhibited at the exit of the Archaeological Museum of Delphi, dating to the 2nd century AD, had been in the past identified with Plutarch.

The man, although bearded, is depicted at a relatively young age.

He thus connected part of his literary work with the sanctuary of Apollo, the processes of oracle-giving and the personalities who lived or traveled there.

His brothers, Timon and Lamprias, are frequently mentioned in his essays and dialogues, which speak of Timon in particular in the most affectionate terms.

According to the 8th/9th-century historian George Syncellus, late in Plutarch's life, Emperor Hadrian appointed him nominal procurator of Achaea – which entitled him to wear the vestments and ornaments of a consul.

Plutarch spent the last thirty years of his life serving as a priest in Delphi.

The Suda, a medieval Greek encyclopedia, states that Emperor Trajan made Plutarch procurator of Illyria.

However, most historians consider this unlikely, since Illyria was not a procuratorial province, and Plutarch probably did not speak Illyrian.

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The portrait is no longer thought to represent Plutarch.